There is a new way of doing business, an innovative funding method called a Carbon Market, with great promise for American forests. 

As the world awakens to the threat of a warming planet, it has focused on the pollution that is at fault – Greenhouse Gases.  There are different types, but the primary threat is the gas Carbon Dioxide and it is released into the atmosphere every time we burn fossil fuels.  As different governments around the world act, they have required greenhouse gas emitters to pay others to clean up their pollution.  Since the primary pollutant is carbon dioxide, these pollution credits are called Carbon Offset Credits and they’re bought and sold on Carbon Markets.  


There are many ways to produce a carbon offset, but the way that nature intended is by growing plants.  Photosynthesis, the process plants use to turn sunlight into energy, scrubs carbon dioxide and stores it in the body of the plant.  Since trees are the largest, longest-living plants on Earth, they’re the best natural way to generate carbon offset credits.  There is now value in growing trees instead of only cutting them down.  

This is the mission of RenewWest:

  • Find new ways to make it financially attractive to plant trees in areas that have been deforested.

  • Provide value to investors and landowners who are looking to make a positive change.

  • Fundamentally change how Americans value their forests.

Carbon markets will help to restore American forests.

RenewWest is here to make it happen.

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